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Bestand erweitert: Martin Audio MLA-Mini

Ultra-Compact Multi-Cellular Loudspeaker Array

With the introduction of the award-winning MLA ®and MLA Compact™ systems, Martin Audio turned the line array world on its head. Different in concept to line array, MLA’s combination of individually driven cells and automated numerical optimisation delivers much more consistent sound across the audience, puts an end to trial- and-error tuning sessions and reduces sound spill – both on stage and beyond the audience boundary.

Scalable and versatile, MLA Mini is ideal for portable sound rental, small-to-medium ballroom, theatre and HoW applications and is the natural choice as an infill for MLA Compact systems. Its ultra-compact size understates its output capabilities – a 12-box array will throw beyond 35 metres (115ft) and deliver live music in venues of 750-1000 people.

MLA Mini is designed as a complete system, with a companion MSX mini-sub power plant which houses the amplification and DSP to power and control itself and up to 4 MLA Mini enclosures. Up to 16 MLA Minis can be flown in an array and powered by 4 ground-stacked MSX’s. Alternatively, 12 MLA Minis can be flown below 3 MSX’s in the same array. Since MLA Mini is a 2-way system, a 12-box array has a total of 12 HF cells and 12 LF cells, each individually powered to provide consistent coverage.

Arrays and MSX’s can be remotely controlled from a laptop or wireless tablet running VU-NET™ control software with its intuitive graphical interface. In the simplest configuration, 4 MLA Minis can be pole-mounted above the MSX as a plug-and-play system using onboard presets instead of computer control.

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